The recent Vault 7 leaks appear to have been sourced by an insider. Former CIA Deputy Director Mike Morrell was quoted saying “the material could only have come, from strictly controlled and segregated internal networks.” Morrell’s quote seems to imply the security of the network was not compromised, implying an insider was responsible for leaking the information. If the situation is another leaker, what will the next steps be for the federal government?

There has been an ongoing stream of leaks from the US federal government for some time now, Snowden, “ShadowBrokers,” Martin, and Manning are all widely known leakers. Leaks begin to create problems in the federal sphere by compromising information, sources and actions taken by the federal government against potential threats. Third party websites host these documents for anyone with an internet connection to look at, making the collected information ubiquitous almost instantly and jeopardizing ongoing investigations.

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