corePROTECT provides a comprehensive defense-in-depth insider threat solution. corePROTECT secures your organization’s data by providing four key capabilities.

Insider Threat Monitoring Services

All Insider Threat activity is monitored securely by authorized, certified, and trained technicians 24x7x365 from CyberCore’s Cyber Security Operations Center (CSOC). This state-of-the art facility enables you to protect your data from malicious or accidental insider damages, data loss, or unauthorized data access from privileged users. CyberCore’s facility also provides user case file data protection to support your organization in any offender litigation. Click here to learn more about our Insider Threat Monitoring Services.

Security Engineering Services

 corePROTECT begins by securing your infrastructure, installing intrusion detection, firewalls, and other appliances to enable insider threat detection, tracking, and storage. corePROTECT provides near real-time installation, patching, and upgrades for all infrastructure devices.

DoD-compliant Insider Threat Program Consulting

If your organization is still struggling to address the NISPOM Insider Threat requirements, CyberCore’s COREPROTECT consulting services can get you on the right track. CyberCore provides Security Officer training, Insider Threat Team Training, and can provide an Insider Threat Subject Matter Expert to help address any aspect of your Insider Threat program, on an hourly basis.

Cyber Security Monitoring Services

All external threat activity is monitored securely by authorized, certified, and trained technicians 24x7x365 from CyberCore’s Cyber Security Operations Center (CSOC). This state-of-the art facility provides real-time, continuous network security monitoring and alert response for potential intrusions. CyberCore’s facility also maintains detailed security and network data & reports to support your organization in any offender litigation.

Secure Print Services

corePROTECT efficiently and effectively monitors documents, analyzes content for inappropriate/ “dirty words,” discovers and prevent leaks, and logs unauthorized print activities for review and appropriate action. corePROTECT provides an end-point defense to stop the insider from printing, copying, faxing, and scanning sensitive material.

Why endpoint protection?

Because everything that happens in your organization begins and ends with an endpoint device, whether that is a computer, tablet, phone, or printer. That includes everything that goes right and everything that goes wrong.  When data is leaked, malicious processes executed, confidential files duplicated, resources used; all of it happens on endpoint systems. By utilizing corePROTECT’s insider threat client on your endpoint devices, we can provide a new layer of insight and protection to activity as it occurs regardless of whether the endpoint is onsite, off-network, or on the other side of the world. When that insight is combined with device connection analysis, file location. data-at-rest reports, and file transfer protection, your organization has never been more informed.

If your organization is looking for a way to:

  • Secure priceless company secrets or protected customer data
  • Combat the insider threat
  • Continuously monitor how your sensitive data is used on and off network
  • Identify compliance gaps and define solutions
  • Create a safe, open, and secure company culture for your employees
  • Know exactly what processes are running on any endpoint in the system and why
  • Effectively manager offsite employees or facilitate a work-from-home initiative
  • Encrypt data on the move without complex and faulty algorithm-based methods

corePROTECT can help with our customizable suite of monitoring products tailored to your environment.

Allow our team to show you how corePROTECT can mitigate your Insider Threats!