In Fall of 2016, another National Security Agency contractor was arrested for stealing top secret classified material. This contractor was arrested for theft of government property and unauthorized removal and retention of classified materials. This is just the latest example of an insider threat where sensitive data has been compromised (Davenport, 2016). This renews concerns about insider threat protection and what can be done to protect an organization’s critical data. Even after added protection after the Edward Snowden insider threat, the federal government still has growing concerns about their employees and contractors removing classified information.

So what do we do?

We have to trust individuals with accomplishing business objectives, HOWEVER, we must have the appropriate protections in place to monitor and verify vip jersey store correct data use. CyberCore’s COREPROTECT solution uses a defense-in-depth methodology to secure your organization’s data, which includes:

  • Securing your infrastructure by installing appropriate firewalls, appliances, etc., and leveraging near real-time installation, patching, and upgrades.
  • Installing an Insider Threat Endpoint software to manage the endpoint, protect from malicious or accidental insider damages, prevent data loss, and continuously monitor and track highly privileged user activities.
  • Conduct 24x7x365 monitoring from CyberCore’s secure Insider Threat Operations Center (ITOC).
  • Ensure Insider Threat Program compliance with DoD regulations and industry best practices.

Davenport, C. (2016, October). “NSA case highlights growing concerns over insider threats,” The Washington Post – online.