Insider Threat Monitoring Services

Know what information is being accessed and ensure your data is handled safely with real-time continuous monitoring.

DoD-Compliant Insider Threat Program Consulting

Ensure your Insider Threat program meets all DoD regulations with consulting and training services.

Security Engineering Services

Improve your security infrastructure with near real-time device patches, print device user authentication, & secure content monitoring.

Cyber Security Monitoring Services

Learn how COREPROTECT monitors your network to detect system attacks, external malware and viruses, and identify unpatched firmware and software to protect your data.

Secure Print Services

Learn how COREPROTECT can protect your print fleet with device authentication and secure content monitoring to reduce print cost and protect against unauthorized data access.

Insider Threat Information

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What We Do

CyberCore Technologies uses a defense-in-depth methodology to secure your organization’s data which includes:

  1. Installing a third-party Insider Threat Endpoint software to manage the endpoint, protect from malicious or accidental insider damages, prevent data loss, and continuously monitor24x7x365 and track user activities out of CyberCore’s Cyber Security Operations Center (CSOC).
  2. Securing your infrastructure by conducting vulnerability assessments and penetration testing to detect weak points in the infrastructure and installing appropriate firewalls, switches, appliances, etc., including near real-time software/ firmware installation, patching, and upgrades.
  3. Ensure your Insider Threat Program not only complies with all DoD regulations, but provides true value to your organization. COREPROTECT provides consulting and training services to ensure Insider Threat visibility and metrics to ensure your data is being protected.
  4. Protecting your network against external attacks, malware, viruses, and unpatched firmware and software exploitations through continuous security monitoring 24x7x365 out of CyberCore’s CSOC.
  5. Leverage secure content monitoring to enable documents to be reviewed as they are being printed, scanned, or faxed for keywords; triggering violations and user-level traceability. Also, cloud based print-release secures the print endpoint, requiring badge access to only print certain documents at any print device, securely and economically.

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